Course GSQ25F

Form and Urban Design

7.5 Credits
First Cycle

Starts week 45, 2022

The overall objective of the course is to introduce students to architectural and urban design, where the emphasis is on equipping students with analytical tools needed to assess urban places and design proposals and to provide students with skills necessary for delivering professional designs and presentations. After completing the course, students shall be able to:

  • Develop professional materials for verbal and visual presentations using different media.
  • Analyse existing urban places and design proposals with the support of the design concepts and methodologies that have been introduced.
  • Develop their own urban/architectural design proposals/interventions utilising methodologies covered by the course.
Starts and ends:
week 45, 2022 - week 2, 2023
Study Rate:
Time of Day:
Teaching form:
Entry Qualifications:
  • General entrance requirements and Mathematics 3b or Mathematics 3c or Mathematics C, Social Sciences 1b or Social Sciences 1a1 + 1a2, English 6
Application Code:
Main field of study:
Tuition Fee
First Tuition Fee Installment:
15,375 SEK
Total Tuition Fee:
15,375 SEK
EU/EEA Citizens or exchange students are not required to pay fees.
Information on application and tuition fees:
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Literature lists are published at the latest one month ahead of the course start date.

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