Course EN3077

One-Year Master Degree Thesis in Applied English Linguistics

15 Credits
Second Cycle

Starts week 3, 2022

On completion of the course, the students shall be able to:

  • conduct an independent linguistic study of scholarly value, characterised by a clear connection to current research, application of relevant method and clear argumentation based on advanced linguistic analysis within a limited frame of time
  • demonstrate an advanced knowledge of one of the areas of applied English linguistics, including an advanced knowledge of relevant theory and methodology as well as insights into topical research questions in the area
  • demonstrate the ability to analyze, critically evaluate and deal with complex phenomena and questions, for example in reporting on primary sources and in integrating secondary sources in their own work
  • demonstrate the ability to develop a research question with support from their supervisor and then independently search for, collect, evaluate and critically interpret and analyze relevant information
  • orally and in writing present and argue for their own results as well as for the knowledge and argumentation which form the basis for the conclusions, showing a high level of communicative competence
  • write a degree thesis that follows discipline-specific conventions for academic writing in terms of style, organisation and referencing
  • analyze and discuss the scholarly work of others by pointing out weaknesses as well as strengths in the form of constructive response, and respond to feedback from others, adapting their own work when appropriate.
Starts and ends:
wk3, 2022 - wk22, 2022
Study Rate:
Flexible (Falun)
Time of Day:
Teaching form:
P: Course only offered as part of programme.
Entry Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in English comprising at least 180 credits, containing a degree thesis in the subject of English of at least 5,000 words. The content of the thesis and the method used should be relevant to the chosen specialisation in the Master programme. The thesis needs to be written in English. Furthermore at least 22.5 credits at Second cycle within the main field of applied English linguistic is required, including the course English: Academic Writing and Speaking in Linguistics, 7.5 credits
Application Code:
Main field of study:
Online Education
Compulsory meetings:
0 physical
8 online
Computer Skills:

Surf on the Internet, read and send emails, use a word-processing programme (e.g. Word). Plug in peripherals to your computer, install programmes and adapt installations for your computer.

Computer Capacity:

Access to a computer (Not a mini pc, tablet or similar) that is not older than two years (or equivalent) and broadband connection, at least 2 Mbit/s (not mobile broadband, because mobile broadband can vary considerably in speed).

Means of Education:

Higher rate of web-based communication where our learning platform (Learn) is a natural element of the course, as are web-based meetings using sound and image. Lectures can be broadcast live or can alternatively be made available afterwards online. Use more advanced programmes – for example, simulation programmes.

Tuition Fee
First Tuition Fee Installment:
21,750 SEK
Total Tuition Fee:
21,750 SEK
EU/EEA Citizens or exchange students are not required to pay fees.
Information on application and tuition fees:
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Literature lists are published at the latest one month ahead of the course start date.

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