Course ASR25V

Thesis: Sexual, Reproductive and Perinatal Health

15 Credits
Second Cycle

Starts week 3, 2023

Upon completion of the course, students will independently be able to:

  • conduct a scientific investigation using relevant design, methodology and analysis
  • critically analyse concepts, theories and perspectives in global sexual, reproductive health and rights from a sustainability perspective
  • identify a scientific problem statement and purpose based on current research knowledge in a defined area
  • search, critically evaluate and synthesise scientific evidence, and integrate theories and concepts within the chosen area
  • conform to research ethical principles
  • argue for and critically reflect on their chosen design in relation to the scientific purpose
  • analyse and evaluate their results in relation to previous research
  • evaluate their own contribution to the development of knowledge and give suggestions for further research
  • defend and communicate their own scientific work and critically evaluate the scientific work of others concerning the degree of scientific, systemacity, content and structure.
Starts and ends:
week 3, 2023 - week 22, 2023
Study Rate:
Time of Day:
Teaching form:
P: Course only offered as part of programme.
Entry Qualifications:
  • A Bachelors degree 180 credits in a social sciences/health sciences/economics main field of study and English 6
Application Code:
Main field of study:
Tuition Fee
First Tuition Fee Installment:
37,875 SEK
Total Tuition Fee:
37,875 SEK
EU/EEA Citizens or exchange students are not required to pay fees.
Information on application and tuition fees:
Literature List

Literature lists are published at the latest one month ahead of the course start date.

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