Prepare a Learning Agreement

The information here will help you to prepare a learning agreement as part of your application to go on an exchange at one of our partner universities.

Prepare the Learning Agreement 

In the learning agreement (LA), you give the names of the courses that you want to take during your exchange and the courses at Dalarna University that you want to replace. The learning agreement then serves to document the courses you complete during your exchange.

When Dalarna University has sent your nomination to the partner university, you will receive information from the partner university about the courses you can take, how to find course syllabuses, and how to apply. This information will help you prepare your learning agreement.

Most universities will request that you include your learning agreement when you submit your application to them: it must be finalised at least one month before the start of the semester. If you have to change your courses during the semester, you will need to update yourlearning agreement.

Programme Students - who do not have an optional semester

Once you have decided which courses you want to take, you will need to review them with your programme coordinator so that you know which ones you can replace at Dalarna University. Email the programme coordinator's verification that they can be replaced to

Programme Students - who do have an optional semester
Students - who are taking freestanding courses

You are free to choose your courses yourself. However, it is important that the content of the courses you take at the partner university differs from the content of courses that you have already taken or will take. In any degree, you cannot include two courses that have overlapping content. Contact the programme coordinator or subject representative for help with this. If you need to take courses during the mobility that are to be included in your main field of study, you need to contact a subject representative for assistance.

Complete the Learning Agreement

Exchange Studies in the European Union (EU)

Create an account and work with a digital version of your learning agreement: Online Learning Agreement (

Add your contact information. Give the names of the courses you plan to take during your exchange and the courses you would have taken at Dalarna University. Follow the instructions on the website. When you have completed the learning agreement, send it to your contact person at Dalarna University for signature. The learning agreement will then be sent to your partner university for signature.

You will need the following information:

Table A: list the courses you plan to take at the partner university.

Table B: list the courses you would have taken at Dalarna University in the semester of your exchange. If you are taking freestanding courses or have an optional semester, write "Optional Courses".

Dalarna University accepts touchscreen scanned signatures.

Example of a Learning Agreement (pdf)

During a transition period, you can prepare a learning agreement using this form: Online Learning Agreement (doc) 

Exchange Studies Outside EU

Students on exchanges in non-European countries must use this form: Learning Agreement Student Mobility for Studies (doc).

Provide your contact details and the names of both the courses you want to take at the partner university and the courses you would have taken at Dalarna University according to the instructions above. Email your Learning Agreement to for a signature. You will then receive a copy. Your partner university does not need to sign the learning agreement.

Several of our partner universities are included in the Erasmus programme despite being geographically located outside Europe: for example, the University of Aruba.

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