Research Project: Effects of physical activity on gait movement and motor control in patients with chronic pain conditions

Project leader
Björn Äng
Project Members
Roger G Nyberg
Veronica Sjöberg
Linda Vixner
Jens Westergren
David Conradsson, NVS Karolinska Institutet
Andreas Monnier, Armed Forces Sport Centre, Karlberg Försvarsmakten
Project Period
Project Status
The project is new and will be based on laboratory data obtained at our movement laboratory at Dalarna University, it includes one PhD project collaborating closely with another PhD-candidate at our lab-environment.

The aim of this research project is to evaluate effects of a short physical activity session on functional movement and neuromotor control in patients with chronic pain. A random procedure decides whether subjects will perform a short physical activity intervention (30 min bicycling) or not (controls). Subjects will walk at different conditions: i) self-selected speed, in ii) a brisk speed, and in iii) normal gait while performing a cognitive task; this will be measured pre- and post-intervention. This study is expected to result in increased knowledge of how motor control adaptions occur during functional tasks, and how these are affected when living with persistent pain, and whether a short physical intervention may normalize aberrant movement control. Innovation: the project is uniquely combined with 3D evaluation of movement control and muscle activity. It will examine movements of the kind that we use every day, i.e. gait under different conditions, and we will cross-correlate improvements in objective findings with subjective ratings. Are these the same individuals or are they possibly different groups? Partners: Researchers joined at SQRP, researchers at movement laboratory at KI/NVS, patient organizations, and rehabilitation staff at joined MMR clinics in Dalarna region.
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