Roger G Nyberg

Personlig presentation av Roger G Nyberg

Senior Lecturer Information and Communications Technology
Information Science School of Information and Engineering
Information Science School of Information and Engineering

I am the head of main field of studies in Informatics, which includes the educational programs Systems Science, Graphic Design and Web Development and Digital Services.


Board Member in University Education and Research Board


Board Member in Committee for Education Evaluation


In 2016, I defended my PhD thesis at Edinburgh Napier University at School of Engineering and Built Environment, Scotland, UK, with the title Automating condition monitoring of vegetation on railway trackbeds and embankments. I am basically a computer engineer and have a bachelor of science degree and a master of science degree in computer engineering.


Mainly, I teach artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, software engineering/programming, project management and scientific method.

I supervise and examine degree theses at undergraduate and advanced level.

Course Coordinator


I conduct research within the realms of Computer Science/Informatics and Microdata Analysis. My ​professional skills​​ and research focus: Data Science, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Monitoring, Research Methodology, Agile Management, and Applied Statistics. My research work often revolves around how to (fully or partially) automate human decision making. In this context, I study why and how humans makes certain decisions (knowledge engineering) and how to make decisions and often actions more rational. Applications areas are e.g. transportation, software engineering, health and sport science, and e-commerce.

Research projects