Youth Entrepreneurship Positive for Learning

On Friday, December 1, Steven Hunter Lindqvist defended his licentiate thesis in pedagogical work. The thesis was about the way in which upper secondary level pupils perceive their ability to learn while running a UF-företag (youth business).
Steven Hunter Lindqvist
Steven Hunter Lindqvist

The title of the thesis is "What and How Students Perceive They Learn When Doing Mini-Companies in Upper Secondary School". Steven Hunter Lindqvist is himself a teacher at upper secondary school and has been involved in the first round of the research school Skolnära. He was admitted into third-cycle level (doctoral) studies in pedagogical work at Karlstad University and works within the research profile Education and Learning at Dalarna University. The research school is a component of regional collaboration organised by Dalarna Centre for Educational Development (PUD).

Professor Michael Dal of Iceland University, the external reviewer at the seminar, commenced the licentiate seminar by briefly describing Steven's thesis.

"Today we are going to talk about youth entreneurship, where upper secondary school pupils learn about running a business as part of the project Ung Företagsamhet. The general conclusion in the thesis is that pupils who run a UF business develop many skills, and not only those that relate to businesses. Most seem to feel that they improve their general competence and that the business project is more important than more regular kinds of school projects.

"Many of the pupils who took part in my study say that they would not have learnt as much as they did had they not run their own UF business. Perhaps there should be more practical subjects at school," concludes Steven Hunter Lindqvist.