Welcome Ceremony for New Students

To begin their first semester at Dalarna University, new students gathered at the traditional Welcome Ceremony, held in Falun at the event venue Lugnetkyrkan. "I chose Dalarna University because it was the most welcoming," says new student Joakim Sandberg from the Teacher Education Programme.

Both Swedish and international students from the two campuses - Falun and Borlänge - were in attendance to start up spring semester 2018. Future nurses, teachers, engineers and social scientists filled the venue of Lugnetkyrkan in Falun, where they were welcomed by university staff members, the student union and directors from the regional business community.

One of those to welcome international exchange students was Jacques Monfaite, himself an exchange student from Miami who is studying international tourism management.

Jacques Faite from Miami

"I've worked within the tourism industry for many years - including at Disney World and Miami Beach hotels. Being able to take a programme in the field here in Sweden has been incredibly rewarding. A tip for anybody who is new to Sweden and Dalarna is to visit all the fantastic sights in the local region and to talk to the locals. Here in Dalarna there are great opportunities for you to develop - just go out and grab them!"

Jacques is also one of the University's digital ambassadors who blogs about his experiences in Sweden.

Patricia Hillrings, Maria Wedde and Annika Ekström will study to be midwives. Currently, they work as nurses at the delivery ward at the hospital in Falun, Falu lasarett, and have been given the opportunity to study further during their employment there.

The three midwifery students at Dalarna University

"We are really looking forward to studying here," says Patricia. "A job as midwife is important and you learn lots from being a midwife. It's fun too. This is a bit of a dream for me, one that is now coming true."

Two who will study to be preschool teachers are Klara Iggsten and Sophia Börjesson.

Sophia Börjesson and Klara Iggesten - two preschool teacher students at the university

"Studying is both fun and rewarding, and studies will of course take us to where we want to go," explains Klara.

"We're also looking forward to life as a student. We've lived in Falun previously and now it will be fun to get to know new people," says Sophia.

From Skövde, Joakim Sandberg will be taking the Primary School Teacher Programmes, Years 4-6.

Joakim Sandberg from Skövde

"There were a number of universities that I could have chosen, but I chose Dalarna University because my communication with them was the most welcoming. I also have friends living nearby who I can live with when I attend campus seminars. The rest of the time I will be studying by distance."

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