Unique Distance Productions from Mediehuset

No other university in Sweden has the level of technical equipment and knowledge when it comes to distance productions as Dalarna University. This has resulted in a number of different projects in recent months.
Henrik Carlsson at Mediehuset, the centre of the technology used.
Henrik Carlsson at Mediehuset, the centre of the technology used.

On a number of occasions, Mediehuset has demonstrated how the technology that is used for distance productions in broadcasting can be used for music arrangements over large geographical distances. This was the case in November in conjunction with the conference Mirac at Kungliga Musikhögskolan i Stockholm and also at the conference "Ett demokratiskt digitalt Dalarna" in Leksand.

In Leksand, the audience got to enjoy a concert by distance with the Borlänge band Marigold. Two members of the band were at Tegera Arena and two were in Falun, but through the transmission of sound and pictures by way of a fibre network, without a delay, it was as if Marigold were right there on the stage in Leksand.

What does such an opportunity mean for your students?

"They gain specialised skills, especially useful for those of them who will go on to work with TV productions and other broadcasts because it's there this technology is widely used," explains Henrik Carlsson.

Are there other universities working with such advanced technology as this?

"Not in Sweden at least. It's we who have the skills and technology," states Henrik Carlsson.

Mediehuset has worked with distance productions since 2010 and is currently one of the leading institutes of higher education in Scandinavia within the field. In 2019, Mirac will hold its conference at Dalarna University.