The University's Forty-Year Celebrations Begin

Forty years ago, Dalarna University was established. This milestone will be marked throughout 2017 with a series of events, the first of which included three lectures on Wednesday afternoon in the Campus Falun library.
Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges
Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges

To mark the start of celebrations, Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges shared some news with the audience who were there to listen to lectures and enjoy the post-lecture mingle, this being the designation of two Honorary Doctors at Dalarna University: Tom Ramstedt and Lena Willemark. 

Tom Ramstedt has had great signficance for research at Dalarna University through the development of the research profile Microdata Analysis and subsequent international collaboration: as such he is a great example of what can be achieved through coproduction. His dedication to the subject of environmentally friendly sustainable transport has been the inspiration behind many research projects, explained Marita Hilliges.

Lena Willemark is a folk musician and received her Honorary Doctorship for her groundbreaking music that transcends genres. She is a role model because of her independent way of thinking and her ability to communicate, both of which are important in the process of Bildung. 

Three lectures followed the Vice-Chancellor's speech: the first was given by Håkan Blomqvist, Associate Professor of History at Södertorn University on the theme of "Higher Education from a 40-Year Perspective".  

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Andrew Casson then gave his lecture on how education at Dalarna Univeristy has been influential in the lives of thousands of unique individuals over the last 40 years.

The Vice-Chancellor then concluded the lectures by discussing the role of higher education, in particular in terms of the future for which we still do not know what competencies will be required.  

Translation based on the original Swedish text by Henrik Sjögren.