The Future Role of the University in Innovation

Dalarna University is currently conducting a study that looks at the position an institute of higher education can, should, and must hold in an innovation system.

Group picture of the workshop attendees

Opening the discussion were Elin Holst Granlund of Dalarna Science Park and Sigrd Saveljeff of Dalarna University, while welcoming everyone was Martin Norsell, Vice-Chancellor of Dalarna University. He described the role of institutes of higher education as well as the opportunities that exist for a university to be actively involved in innovation systems.

Some 30 attendees representing various organisations and businesses attended the workshop that Dalarna University, in collaboration with Dalarna Science Park, had organised.

"Such a meeting as this serves to strengthen our position in the ongoing work related to the role we ought to have in terms of an innovation system," explained Sigrid Saveljeff, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, External Liaison, at Dalarna University. It provides us with a good opportunity for dialogue with representatives from different organisations and businesses. I am delighted that so many took the time to come here today. It shows the strong interest that exists."

Kristen Wirsén, General Director of Swedish Incubators and Science Parks, directed the discussion.

"Today we will discuss the role of universities in innovation systems. My experience is that universities, along with science parks, have a key role and serve as a base for investment."

Thorbjörn Swenberg and Johan Kostela, together with Sigrid Saveljeff and Maria Thulemark (all of Dalarna University), are behind the study.

"The aim of the project is to outline the role of the University in relation to business and industry. It aims to describe the current situation and future needs. The purpose of today's workshop is to get input from and the perspectives of others, and to find ways as to how we can provide even better support for innovative ideas," states Thorbjörn Swenberg, Senior Lecturer at Dalarna University.

The workshop generated a number of reflections that will now form part of the report that will complete the study.

Speaker at the workshop

Speaker at the workshop

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