Success for Film Design Students at Festival

Media students from Dalarna University were awarded gold, silver, and bronze in the category Rising Award at the recent film festival Live at Heart in Örebro.

The award winners, three women and one man, pose on a flight of stairs, with one of the female students holding the award, a diploma in her hand.
Proud Award Winners: Anna Himmelstrand, William Nyhlén, Sara Källström and Angelica Ingólfson. Absent from the picture Amanda Westergren, Tim Kammeborn and Joel Magnusson.

Once again, the University's media students demonstrated their talents in the field of film production. All three entries in the category Rising Award received an award at the annual event - one bronze, one silver, and one gold.

"It feels really great, especially since it was an important project, one that aims to make a difference," says Angelica Ingólfsson, who together with Amanda Westergren, Tim Kammerborn and William Nylén were behind the winning entry "Bakom stängda dörrar" (Behind Closed Doors).

"Bakom stängda dörrar" is a campaign comprising three films produced for Tjejjouren Dalarna, a non-profit organisation that serves to support and encourage girls. The films take up difficult subjects, such as abuse in close relationships, eating disorders and rape.

"The filming was of course heavy-going, what with all the subjects we deal with in the campaign. We had to take lots of breaks. But we are all extremely proud of the results, and the films really are very important. They were made so as to promote discussion," explains Angelica.

Live at Heart is a national competition for documentaries and commissioned films produced as part of a student's post-secondary education. Its purpose is to encourage young talented people to make films and to help them establish themselves in the branch. On the jury sat representatives from the film industry and businesses - all with professional experience working with documentaries and films.

The film "Min käre bror" (My Dear Brother), which was produced for Tobiasregistret by William Nyhlén, Angelica Ingólfsson and Joel Magnusson, received the silver award and the bronze award went to "Efter Regn" (After Rain), produced for RFSL by Sara Källström and Anna Himmelstrand.




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