Study Areas at Teknikdalen

Teknikdalen is a dynamic business and innovation centre located just a short walk from Campus Borlänge. Students are welcome to use the comfortable areas it offers for study purposes, while they integrate with those who work in the various organisations housed within Teknikdalen's modern interior.

Jörgen Isaksson
"The intention since Teknikdalen was built in the 1980s has always been that it would serve as a meeting place," states Jörgen.

The collaboration between Dalarna University and Hushagen, the property corporation that owns both Teknikdalen and the university campus buildings, is long-standing. Over the past year, Hushagen has worked to further improve the attractiveness for students to sit and study at Teknikdalen. There are now over 20 seating areas with this purpose in mind, some nestled in side corridors, others in the central area - ideal for both group work and individual studies.

"Our aim is to create even more of a dynamic here," says Hushagen's Chief Executive Jörgen Isaksson. "Here there are a number of areas that could be better made use of. What is more, I believe that students and those who work at Teknikdalen can find inspiration in each other. If space allows, students are invited to come and use the facilities whenever they want. There is wifi using a guest network, as well as a café and restaurant. What is more, we are home to Borlänge's one and only Starbucks self-serve booth where you pay by card."

Currently, Teknikdalen houses some 100 businesses, which together employ about 700 people. Many of the businesses are innovative and deliver highly technical services. There is a dynamic mix of both large employers and small consultants - a place, then, where students readily fit in - a place also where students may well meet a future employer among all the businesses and organisations represented.

"The intention since Teknikdalen was built in the 1980s has always been that it would serve as a meeting place," states Jörgen. "By furnishing the various areas with more chairs and tables, we are facilitating the possibility to simply come and take a seat for both spontaneous and organised meetings. And I have to stress the fact that there is no need to ask if it's okay to come and sit here. If the chair is empty, then it's just a case of taking a seat."

Teknikdalen is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on regular workdays, during which time everyone is welcome. Outside these areas, only employees of the businesses and organisations that rent office space have access.

This autumn, Teknikdalen will change its name to Dalarna Science Park.

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