Students' Film Showing Throughout Sweden

The need for more stem cell donors is the reason behind the film that was recently produced by students from the Programme in Production of Commercials and Information Films at Dalarna University. The film is now being used as part of the national campaign known as Tobiasregistret.
Three students in a theatre, with the seats behind them.
William Nyhlén, Angelica Ingólfsson and Joel Magnusson hope the film will lead to a rise in the number of stem cell donors.

The three-year programme at Dalarna University gives students the opportunity to work with focused projects throughout their study period. When it came time for Angelica Ingólfsson, Joel Magnusson and William Nyhlén to work together on their final project, their decision was unanimous when it came to deciding that Tobiasregistret was the client they wanted to work with.

"Our choice means we get to use the resources we have to truly make a difference. After we complete our programme, we will most likely work with commercials where we don't get to choose our client. That's why it was just so clear that we would use the advanced equipment here at the University and our ten project weeks to make a film for a client who could really use our help," says Joel, who was production editor and project leader.

Tobiasregistret is the Swedish register for stem cell donors. It asks people to register voluntarily as donors so that a future match can be made between somebody who is critically ill and in need of stem cells.

"This is a project close to my heart," explains film director William, "as it is based on personal experience when one of my close relatives became sick. We wanted to portray the sense of helplessness that comes when somebody close is inflicted by serious illness. It was also important that the narration be from the perspective of a child so that we could represent the naive thoughts that say nothing is impossible. Such thoughts would be good too for adults to have."

On its website, Tobiasregistret previously had an information film that worked but that didn't hit home emotionally, explains William. The students offered Tobiasregistret their film-production skills, and the trust was immediately receptive to their proposal. The production was filmed at Dalarna University, in central Falun and in a private dwelling in the local village of Sågmyra.

"It's been four months now since we delivered the film and the response has been really positive. Everyone who has seen the film is really touched by it, and that was the goal. This is our "baby", and we are really proud of the results along with our team of actors, our clients and our sponsors," says producer Angelica. 

The film "Min Käre Bror" ("My Dear Brother" - unofficial translation) has been received warmly by the public. It is currently playing at cinemas throughout Sweden, the whole time recruiting new donors and spreading information about Tobiasregistret.

The students hope the message will continue to spread and make people think about how they too can contribute.

The film "Min käre bror".

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