Students and Researchers Collaborate with Companies To Reduce Electricity Consumption

As part of their programme, seven students from the European Solar Engineering School (ESES) worked with researchers from the Solar Energy Research Center (SERC) to plan and install solar cell systems at the company Skogs Lantbruk in Leksand.

Students working on the roof of a barn to install solar panels
Students Sebastian Moretti, Andres Rozas, Nader Zaqout, Marcus Graefenhain and Mouaz Al-Hamwi from the European Solar Engineering School

The students were there from July to September installing the system that comprises 262 solar cell panels that will dramatically reduce the annual consumption of electricity for the company.

"This is a good example of how the University, together with communities and industry, can put to use knowledge that can help towards a sustainable society. Placements and exchanges and not least collaboration with researchers and students contribute to development in terms of the university programme as well," explains Martin Andersen, Doctoral Student at SERC at Dalarna University.

Involved in the installation were Saras El from Leksand and employees of Skogs Lantbruk.

Solar Panels on a barn

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