Strong Interest for Sami Culture at This Year's Diversity Day

September 26 was once again the date for the annual Diversity Day at Dalarna University, with activities at both campuses. This year's theme was Sami culture.
Peter Andersson gave a talk on Sami culture.
Peter Andersson gave a talk on Sami culture.

Each year at Dalarna University, Diversity Day is celebrated as a way to increase knowledge and understanding about discrimination. Keeping with tradition, organisations were on campus to talk about the work that they do. Coordinating and heading the event was Anette Timmerlid, Diversity Coordinator at Dalarna University.

"Diversity is so much more than simply integration. Many people feel themselves to be discriminated against as a result of, for example, physical disability or religion. A couple of the organisations here today are the Fibromyalgiföreningen (Fybromyalgia Association) and the Buddhist Temple from Ulfshyttan. The University works to prevent discrimination by taking practical measures to increase understanding. Diversity Day is one such measure."

This year's theme was Sami culture. There to talk on the subject was Peter Andersson from Idre Sameby. The subjects he touched on were Sami history and the situation for Sami in the present-day and part of his presentation included the sampling of reindeer meat.