Research Visit from Australia

Last week, Professor Emeritus Richard Tinning from the University of Queensland, Australia, was in Dalarna to visit the University, where he gave lectures and held seminars on the subject of Sport and Health Sciences.

Erik Backman and Richard Tinning

Erik Backman, Docent in Education with Specialisation in Sport Sciences, with Richard Tinning

Over 40 guests, mostly teachers and students from Dalarna University, as well as gym teachers from the region, came to listen to Richard Tinning's lecture entitled "Connecting the Dots: A Critical Perspective on PE, the Body, Health and Culture".

This was not the first time for Richard Tinnings to visit Sweden: he has been here on a number of occasions and has been collaborating with Stockholm's Gymnastik och idrottshögskolan for over ten years.

He began one of his lectures with a quotation from Winston Churchill about healthy people being the best asset to society, while the three points of focus in his lecture were themed "The Cult of the Body", "Neoliberalism" and "Risk Society".

Part of the day's discussion focussed on how to address health with young people, and here Richard Tinning talked about finding a balance and holding the lines of communication open. He discussed the "dangerous" places where people can learn about health - for example, in different forms of social media.

Richard Tinning's visit resulted from ongoing collaboration with Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan in Stockholm and Dalarna University with the department of Sport and Health Sciences, the research centre REPS, and the research profile Education and Learning. Richard Tinning stated during his visit how he looked positively on continued collaboration.

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