Research Project on Safety in Homes for the Elderly Awarded Funding

Entitled "Safe Accommodations for Elderly Through Smart Technology" (SAFEST), the project has received the amount of 3.5 million SEK in funds from Länsförsäkringar. Working with the project are Professor Kevin McKee, Professor Marie Elf and Johan Borg, lecturer in the field of Health and Welfare.

The project aims to develop knowledge and understanding related to the development of user-friendly technology for safe homes of the future for the elderly.

With an increasing proportion of elderly citizens within the current population, the project is of great relevance in a number of ways: for example, it can reduce costs for society and insurance claims. Further, it can help meet a number of the goals laid out in Agenda 2030, such as the goals related to health and well-being, gender equality and sustainable development.

The aim is to study and analyse the safety of the elderly in their homes and the injuries that can be and are sustained there. The project further aims to study the experiences and wishes of the current-day and future elderly in terms of safety and technology that can prevent injuries in the home.


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