Research Profile Intercultural Studies - Book Launch

The book launch at the University Library in Falun yesterday demonstrated the breadth of the university's research profile Intercultural Studies, with five books being presented by their respective author during an hour-long mingle and presentation event.

The five authors - four men and one woman - in the University Library at Campus Falun
Jonas Stier, Thomas Sedelius, Kjetil Duvold, Bo G. Jansson and Liselotte Frisk

There to present their recently published books to the audience were Kjetil Duvold, Docent, Political Science; Liselotte Frisk, Professor, Religious Studies; Bo G. Jansson, Professor Emeritus, Literary Studies; Thomas Sedelius, Professor, Political Science; and Jonas Stier, Professor, Intercultural Studies.

"Intercultural Studies is research about human interaction within and between cultures, societies and institutions," explained Annelie Ädel, Professor of English, who was at the presentation to moderate the book presentations at Monday afternoon's gathering. She pointed out that it is quite the achievement that two of the books had been written in Swedish, the other three being in English, the lingua franca of the world of research.

In her description of the books, Annelie Ädel talked about the breadth in range of the five publications:

  • the book by Docent Kjetil Duvold is about the political culture of the Baltic States;
  • Professor Liselotte Frisk has written about children in religious groups such as Hare Krishna, Knutby Filadelfia, Jehovah Witnesses and Scientology;
  • the book by Professor Emiritus Bo G. Jansson is a book about a book, since his work is based on the diary of a man from nearby Svärdsjö, whose notations over many years serve as a personal history of Swedish society between the years of 1877 and 1936;
  • Professor Thomas Sedelius wrote his book about countries with a dual executive system - that is to say, a system with both a president and a prime minister - so-called semi-presidential countries; and
  • the book by Jonas Stier, Director of Research, Intercultural Studies at Dalarna University, is about intercultural work in preschools and aims to help preschool staff in their work.

The presentation in the library was followed by a mingle.

Book Titles

Political Culture in the Baltic States: Between National and European Integration (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) by Kjetil Duvold, Docent, Political Sciences, coauthors Sten Berglund and Joakim Ekman

Children in Minority Religions: Growing up in Controversial Religious Groups (Equinox, 2018) by Liselotte Frisk, Professor, Religious Studies, coauthors Sanja Nilsson and Peter Åkerbäck

Erik Lindström och hans dagbok 1877-1936 (in collaboration with Svärdsjö hembygdsförening, Dalarnas museum and Dalarna University, 2019) by Bo G. Jansson, Professor Emeritus, Literary Studies

Semi-Presidential Policy-Making in Europe: Executive Coordination and Political Leadership (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) Thomas Sedelius, Professor, Political Science, coauthor Tapio Raunio

Interkulturellt arbete i förskolan: med läroplanen som grund (Natur & Kultur, 2019) by Jonas Stier, Professor, Intercultural Studies, coauthor Bim Riddersporre




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