Recent Book Publication Stresses Importance of Internationalisation

The book describes the journey made by universities when it comes to internationalisation in higher education and was written by Jonas Stier of Dalarna University.
Johnas Stier with his new book "Internationalisering av högre utbildning - vad, hur och varför, standing outside the Campus Falun library
Johnas Stier with his new book "Internationalisering av högre utbildning - vad, hur och varför

"The book is based on my 25 years of experience as teacher and researcher, as well as person responsible for issues related to internationalisation at three institutes of higher educaton," explains Jonas Stier, Professor of Intercultural Studies.

According to Jonas, the old notion of internationalisation of higher educaiton is just as relevant today as it has always been and is a quality measure within education.

"Internationalisation is also a way for students to develop their intercultural competence.If you really want to internationalise an organisation, you have to move from nicely packeted rhetoric to concrete practice and action," he states.

The book is designed for teachers, researchers and administrative personnel at institutes of higher education in Sweden, as well as students and anybody else who has an interest in international and intercultural issues. 

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