Proposal by Dalarna University Political Scientists on Development of Democracy in Ukraine

"Presidents in Ukraine have constantly been involved in institutional conflicts with the Government and parliament, which has resulted in repeated crises and ineffective reforms," states Thomas Sedelius, Professor in Political Science at Dalarna University.

Along with Sujit Choudry, University of California, and Julia Kyrychenko, Centre of Policy and Legal Reform, he has written a report with suggestions for how Ukraine ought to change its constitution so as to faciliate democractic development. Behind the proposal is International IDEA, an international organisation that works with sustainable democratic development.

The report "assesses the ways in which the semi-presidential form of government can be best structured to promote stable, democratic and inclusive governance in Ukraine" (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance).

The report has now been presented in Kiev with representatives present from, for example, the Ukraine parliament, the Venice Commission, and the Council of Europe. Its authors hope it will serve as a basis for future work in the development of democracy in Ukraine.

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