Open Lectures in African Studies

Open Lectures in African Studies at Dalarna University on the Geography, Climate and Demography of Africa that provide a background to the migration waves across the Mediterranean.

Filippo Pistocchi, Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography at the University of Bologna, Italy, will lecture on the geographical preconditions for development in parts of Africa.

Professor Pistocchi has published research on the use of natural resources, urbanisation and regionalisation in some EU countries. His recent research projects deal with Western Aid organisations and the relationship between aid, natural resources and geo politics, migration and urbanisation as well as the effects of tourism in certain parts of Africa. His focus is on West Africa, and he has recently published a book on Sierra Leone in West Africa: Global Scenarios, Local Realities and New Geographical Situations.

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Geographies of Africa: an introduction on development and underdevelopment (environmental and human geography applied to the economic geography of Africa)

Borders and Frontiers: the human dimension of political geography (geography of territories: from "space" to "place")

Migrations and Urbanisation: the couple for territorialisation (megacities vs rural villages, languages)

Paths for Integrated Development: culture, tourism, and human promotion

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