Open House and StudentExpo 2017

Studentexpo 2017 was held on Thursday, June 1 at Campus Borlänge and gave students the chance to put their degree projects on display. At the same time, Dalarna University held its Open House to mark its forty-year anniversary.

Johan Sonne attending the StudentExpo at Campus Borlänge.

The programme was full with such activities as tours, demonstrations and open seminars. Students manned their respective stands and through their displays provided an insight into their research results from the various programmes they are registered in. The afternoon also included an awards ceremony for the degree projects in different categories (see the winners in the list to the right).

"This is a chance for us to show to the general public what it is we do at the University. There have been lots of visitors today, looking to see what the students have achieved. I hope this will be an annual event," stated Johan Sonne, who is Project Leader at Dalarna University.

Variety of Research Fields in a Range of Programmes 

Various programmes were represented by students at the StudentExpo: Tourism, Economics, Computer Sciences, Sport Sciences and Engineering. At one of the exhibition stands stood students Linn Gustafzzon and Antonia Gröndahl from the Sport Coach Programme.

"We are cyclists and like music, so we decided to study performance capabilities in people as they listen to music while cycling," stated Linn Gustafzzon.

Another student, André Rasch from the Energy Technician Programme, displayed his work: a thermostat with an app that homeowners can use to control the temperature in their houses even when they are away from home. His work went on to receive an award during the day's activities.

At a third stand stood Ida Carlberg and Mikael Gut, also from the Sport Coach Programme: they have studied how long staff at Dalarna University sit for and the consequences of this behaviour.

"Unfortunately, it doesn't look good for university staff - not if they don't make a point of moving throughout their workday. The average time for being seated is up to 6.62 hours every day. This isn't good for the heart and vascular system and can give rise to many health issues," explained Ida Carlberg.

The awards ceremony took place at four o'clock under a various of categories. Handing out the awards to students was Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges.

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