Nursing Students Collect 18 000 sek for Hospital in Uganda

Nappies, stethoscopes and oxygen masks. These are just a few examples of the items that students Jimmi Liljegren and Mikael Rova purchased for the hospital in Uganda during their placements there.

Mikael Rova back home in Sweden, here at Campus Falun
Mikael Rova back home in Sweden, here at Campus Falun

"In our hearts, it felt like the right thing to do. We felt a moral obligation to help and we didn't think about anything else than trying to improve the situation for patients at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda," explains Mikael Rova.

When Jimmi Liljegren and Mikael Rova chose to complete their nursing placements in Uganda, they wanted to do something just a little bit extra. They began collecting money prior to their departure and managed to achieve 18 000 sek. Once there, they then used the money to buy diverse items that were in short supply at the hospital.

"The first week there, we bought loads of nappies for malnourished children. We also bought toilet paper and oxygen adapters. In our final week, we bought items for the children's emergency ward and trauma ward," states Mikael Rova.

What reaction did you receive?

"We were met very positively, by both the nurses and the director of the hospital, who thanked us for our donations. One of the nurses said that her prayers had been met because there was already a shortage of many of the resources and with these donations, they will be able to continue to provide care for a few more months."

What was the standard at the hospital?

"Very low. It wasn't unusual for patients to have to lie on the floor because there weren't enough beds."

What is your clearest memory from your time there?

The good will and friendliness of people, but also the shortages within health care that became very clear during our placement. We learnt a great deal from our time there through experiences that would be hard to have anywhere else," says Mikael Rova.

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