New University Strategy - Focus on Life-Long Learning

On Tuesday, December 17, Dalarna University's governing board approved a strategy for education and research. The strategy comes as a result of comprehensive work on the part of students, university colleagues and collaborative partners.

In September 2018, Vice-Chancellor Martin Norsell began work on a comprehensive strategy for research and education at the University, commissioned by the University Governing Board.

"This is a large and important piece of work that is about the future direction of the university, with a basis in our vision. The strategy will serve to highlight those areas that Dalarna University should prioritise and specialise in. It will also serve as a foundation for the entire organisation when it comes to education, research and collaboration," explains Vice-Chancellor Martin Norsell.

Central to the strategy is the development of education at all levels, from free-standing courses as a way to pursue life-long learning or as an introduction to post-secondary study, to studies at the doctoral level. A further aim is to develop  the research organisation so that there is more support for doctoral-level studies and also so that there is a clear and natural connection to research in undergraduate and Master's level courses and programmes. One other focus area is collaboration with business and industry, cultural organisations, the public sector and other institutions of higher education, both national and international.

The strategy is a result of comprehensive work involving students, colleagues and collaborative partners, who were involved in discussions about what would be a desirable and possible future for Dalarna University in terms of research and education.

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