New Students Gather for This Year's Introduction Day and Welcome Ceremony

Swedish, German, Dutch, French, Italian - these were just a few of the languages audible as this semester's new students gathered in Lugnetkyrkan near Campus Falun to be welcomed to their first year of studies at Dalarna University.

The fact Dalarna University is a popular choice among foreign students was clear from the outset. Many of the presentations were held in English and the first to welcome students was Vice-Chancellor of the University, Marita Hilliges.

"This is a special and valuable moment, my being able to welcome you all. We have some 16 000 students and about 750 staff members, all who will do their utmost to ensure your study environment is the best it can be."

Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges welcome students

"We are tough and have high expectations of you," Marita Hilliges continued. "You're going to have to work harder than you have done previously. Don't be afraid of not first succeeding. You are here to try something new and to gain new experiences. I would like to say that you have taken your first step to your future. You will make lots of new friends - perhaps for some of you your life partner. Look around! Perhaps that person is sitting right beside you or behind you. I welcome you to Dalarna University!"

The Student Union was represented by its chairperson Tom Edoff.

"Our role is to see to it that you have worthwhile freetime activities that are also affordable and we can provide you with support should you find yourself in difficult situations. We work towards quality in education - you could call us the trade union for students."

Linda Wallin and Angelika Ekholm, Directors from Business and Industry, attended the ceremony.

Directors of Business and Industry for the municipalities of Falun and Borlänge, Linda Wallin and Angelika Ekholm, were also in attendance, their aim being to present the opportunities that exist locally - everything from potential employers to the restaurants that are available and the freetime activities.

"Here there are some 10 500 companies, and many eager employers who are looking to hire. Together, Falun and Borlänge have over 400 shops and 300 restaurants, as well as festivals and cultural arenas. We welcome you to discover what  Falun and Borlänge have to offer!"

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