Research and Development: Lectures, Networking and the Opening of a New Research Centre

This year's Research and Development Day (FoU-dag) focussed on the research field of Health and Welfare, and attracted both students and professionals. An extra dimension to the day was the opening of the fourth research centre at Dalarna University.

Attendees at the Research and Development Day in the main entrance hallway of the university.

The Research and Development Day was aimed at those who are active within the fields of healthcare and social services. Over the course of the event, presentations were given on the research and quality work being conducted in the field, while the degree projects of students were also presented. Some 25 healthcare organisations brought information and products to display in the main event hallway, while visitors could take part in the parallel sessions that were held on such subjects as disease, rehabilitation, patient safety and medicines.

A man with a microphone and a lady cutting the ribbon to mark the opening of the centre.

New Research Centre for Health and Welfare

On the day's programme was the opening of the University's new research centre, namely the Research Centre for Public Health and Sports (RePS). The speakers for the opening ceremony were Elisabeth Fransson from Landstinget Dalarna, and Sigrid Saveljeff and Björn Äng, both from Dalarna University.

"We have a vision at Landstinget Dalarna and it is for an equal Dalarna that allows for a healthier and safer life," said Elisabeth Fransson. "The new research centre will focus on public health and disability; by way of research, we will gain the knowledge required for better treatment."

The best kind of care is the care that is not required," said Björn Äng. "Together with Landstinget Dalarna, we have established this new research centre - an important platform in the development of preventative work."

A Meeting Place for Professionals within Healthcare and Social Services

Many nursing students attended the day. Sara Dahlman, Josefine Wallin, Malin Norman and Maria Sundberg are all in their second semester and felt the day to be both interesting and worthwhile.

Female nursing students standing in the main university entrance hallway

"We have attended a seminar on high blood pressure and how patients feel about the care they receive," said Sara Dahlman.

"On days like these you get relevant facts, which is useful in our ongoing work with scientific articles," said Maria Sundberg.

Helena Hanno Enochsson is coordinator of the health and welfare department at Region Dalarna.

Woman standing in the main university entrance hallway

"It was interesting to see the opening of the new research centre. I have attended some of the lectures and met people within the branch. For me, in my professional role, such a day as this one allows for an insight into the enormous breadth of knowledge and skills that can be found here in Dalarna," stated Helena Hanno Enochsson.

One of the organisations that attended the day was Humana individ och familj.

Woman standing in front of her organisation's display

"Humana is a company that manages family homes and provides personal assistants, accommodation and outpatient care," explains Karolin Norlén. "For us, a day like this is a great opportunity to meet future social workers and nurses: we always have a need for them but find it difficult to recruit them. We can talk about the opportunities that exist within our company and the fact jobs with us do not only involve the healthcare element."

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