New Exchange Agreement with High-Standing Japanese University

Recently, Dalarna University signed an agreement with Ochanomizu University in Tokyo, a university that admits female students only.

A summer picture of Campus Falun, with a view of the library.
A new collaborative agreement has now been signed with Ochanomizu University.

Ochanomizu University in Tokyo is ranked among Japan's top universities and has one particularly distinctive feature: it admits women only.

The reason for this goes back to the 1800s when the university was founded, a time when women were not permitted to study at university in Japan. It was then that Ochanomizu University took the direction that it did and as such became the first university for women only. It remains exclusive in that, with its currently 3 000 female students.

This new agreement will mean that Dalarna University students will be able to study Japanese at Ochanomizu University, at the same time as Dalarna University offers studies in the humanities, including languages, to those Japanese students who want to come here to further their studies.

On September 23, a delegation will visit Dalarna from Ochanomizu University.

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