New EU Project about the Impact of Migration on Rural and Mountain Regions

Over a three-year period, Senior Lecturer Ulf Hansson will be involved in the project MATILDE, which aims to increase understanding as to the true development potential that migration brings with it, with a particular focus on rural and mountain regions.

The research project MATILDE, which will be financed by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme, will involve 13 regions within Europe.

"Our hope is that with MATILDE, we will be able to build on our understanding in terms of the effect migration has on rural areas as well as the situation of the migrant in more 'peripheral' areas outside of urban centres and towns. In recent years, Dalarna has seen an increase in its non-Swedish-born population, with small municipalities seeing large numbers of new arrivals since 2015," explains Ulf Hansson, who is Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Dalarna University.

"The project will build on existing collaboration witih Region Dalarna. Indeed, the role of Region Dalarna is extremely important if we are to be able to complete this project successfully. We are also very pleased to be able to work together with Uppsala University's Kulturgeografiska institutioneny on this project," concludes Ulf Hansson.

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