Minister in Attendance at the University's Annual Industry Day

Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg was the main speaker at this year's event, which was held at Campus Borlänge and which served as the forum to present the University's new Engineering Pool.

"The University has worked to formalise collaboration between students and businesses. There is a strong interest on the part of students to discover the opportunities and challenges that exist within industry," explains Faculty Director at the University Patrick Kenger.

The latest initiative is the Engineering Pool, which was presented during this, the third year for the Industry Day to be held. The number of attendees was close to 100, many of whom were from regional industrial companies. The ongoing theme of the day was the great need for engineers and technicians with the correct education.

And it is there - on the point of correct education - that Dalarna University aims to be at the forefront.

"Let us say that 50 to 60 percent of the Engineering Programme is pre-set. The rest is more flexible. I feel that we as a small university can be flexible in letting industry help determine course content by, for example, giving their opinion as to what course literature we use," explains Patrick Kenger further.

Jonas Lundqvist from the local and successful company Dellner Couplers appreciates Dalarna University's open-mindedness and approach.

"A few years back, we - along with some other companies - were able to help design course content, which had a positive outcome. Dellner offers students the chance to conduct their degree projects with us and to take on employment during the summer months. On occasion, we also lend sensitive components to the University for students to get stuck into and learn how an engineer thinks. Collaboration with Dalarna University works very well, and meetings such as Industry Day are worth a great deal. We would be happy to see more such meetings."

The head speaker, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg, talked about the strategy for "ny-industrialisering" (new industrialisation) that the Government put forward in 2016 and that has now been upgraded.

"Each day, a million Swedes can go to work thanks to the strong industrial sector in Sweden," was the message he delivered.

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