Mingle and Student Work at Expo Borlänge 2018

Vasaloppet, recycling of heat from mangles, and GDPR were themes of just three degree projects that were presented at Expo Borlänge 2018.

Mingle at Expo Borlänge 2018
Mingle at Expo Borlänge 2018

Two of the exhibitors, Julia Bergström and Karin Strömberg, studied the significance of intercommunication within an organisation. They recently completed the programme in Human Resources Sciences at the University and have already secured jobs in Falun.

Some 30 students displayed their work at Campus Borlänge on Thursday, May 31. They were students from the School of Technology and Business Studies, where the engineers, economists, energy engineers, graphic designers, human resource experts, tourism experts, and computer scientists of tomorrow are based. The event is an opportunity for students to exhibit their work for businesses and other organisations, as well as to mingle and network.

Awards Given to Students

A number of students received awards for their academic work.The picture shows winners William Lind, Tesfaom Alem, Martin Virk, Emil Lindström; Linnea Söderling, Jenny Larsson, Faisa Abdi, Karin Strömberg and Julia Bergström. The prizes were handed out by a jury from Dalarna Science Park.

Winners at the Expo 2018

World Record Holders Receive Diploma

Students who had worked on the world record holding Eximus 3 received a diploma for their work. In the picture are students Simon Emanuelsson, Karolina Gilén, Susanna Ottosson, Michelle Jansson, Abdullha Fakih, Tony Sömsk, Frida Nilsson Axelsson, David Lindfeldt, and teachers Carl-Axel Norman and head of the project Patrick Kenger.

Eximus Diploma Receipients

Important Collaboration

Vice-Chancellor Martin Norsell talked about the importance of the University's collaboration with external organisations, while Karin Torneklint, Manager of Sweden's Track and Field Team, gave a talk on how to inspire groups and individuals so that they develop and achieve success.

Karin Torneklint

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