Millions Granted for Research on Sustainable Towns

Together with the University of Gävle and Mälardalen University, Dalarna University has received 25.9 million sek in funding from the KK-Stiftelsen (Knowledege Foundation) to establish the research school "Future-Proof Cities" that will focus on sustainable urban development.

The total budget for the project is 50 million sek.

By 2050, it is expected that 70 percent of the world's population will be resident in urban areas. Sweden as a nation is experiencing a growing population and a strong urbanisation trend. This places new demands on building towns and cities in an ecological, economical and socially sustainable way.

In the research school Future-Proof Cities, three institutions of higher education will come together with their respective professional knowledge about and skills in urban development with a view to creating towns that are climate-smart, vibrant, healthy and safe.

Prioritity - Medium-Sized Towns

The research school will work with business and industry and urban planners to implement solutions that will create sustainable urban development.

"Extremely good news," states Sigrid Saveljeff, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, External Liaison. "What is particularly positive is that the research school will work closely with external parties on issues that are important for the future development of communities. This serves also as a good example of our collaboration with other universities and municipal organisations."

Research School Future-Proof Cities

"Future-Proof Cities" is a collaborative investment in research on sustainable urban development. The research is conducted in close collaboration with business and industry in Dalarna, as well as the University of Gävle and Mälardalen University.

Twelve doctoral projects will strengthen municipal planning for sustainable urban development in these regions. The plan is for doctoral students in the school to be employed within business and industry, with research supervisors available at the universities.

"In the research school, businesses that are involved are municipal organisations, and we are now in a position to recruit three doctoral students who will work with issues of sustainability related to the development of the new area of town in Borlänge, Jakobsdalen," explains Ewa Wäckelgård, Professor of Energy and Environmental Engineering, and Director of Research for the research school Energy and Built Environments at Dalarna University.

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