"Milk" - the Result of International Collaboration with Film Students

A supernatural story about grief and loss rooted in Swedish folklore:that is how to describe the film "Milk", a production by students from the University of Portsmouth and Dalarna University.

Students gathered in front of a Swedish flag in a room in a Swedish cottage
Students from the University of Portsmouth and Dalarna University working on the film production of "Milk"

In a red-painted cottage in Lenåsen outside the town of Rättvik in Dalarna. That is where the collaboration took place over the course of a week, with students from the University of Portsmouth's Film Production programme and from Dalarna University's Film and TV Production programme, as well as two professional British actors.

"The film is inspired by Swedish folklore. It was a dream for us to come to Sweden to film, but initially, for practical reasons, we didn't think it would be possible. But then we got into contact with Dalarna University and collaboration began between the two universities. We were able to use the services of three of their fantastic students, and this encouraged us to get ourselves to Sweden. Being able to be here takes the film to a whole different level. The characters live the story instead of telling it," explains Emily Field, a University of Portsmouth student who produced the film.

In the film, we meet Petúr, played by Tim Suffolk, who lives in an isolated cottage in the forest. One day, he is paid a visit by a mysterious stranger, played by May Macleod, who comes to borrow some milk. It is soon revealed, however, that the reason for the visit is to help Petúr through his grief after having lost his family.

"It's been a lot of fun and I've learnt loads from working together. We more or less work in the same way, and we're a good team. We were at ease working with each other from the beginning," says Basliel Berhane, who is in the second year of the Film and TV Production Programme at Dalarna University.

The film will now be sent to a number of international film festivals in the likes of Stockholm, London and Cannes, and there is already talk about further opportunity for collaboration.

"We would definitely like for us to meet up in Portsmouth so that we can work together again," states Rebecca Egerström, a University of Portsmouth student who headed the filming.

See more about the project on its Facebook page: Milk.


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