Marie Klingberg-Allvin: Acting Vice-Chancellor

The Government has designated Professor Marie Klingberg-Allvin to serve as Acting Vice-Chancellor while the recruitment process is underway for a new Vice-Chancellor. In 2014, she became Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University and will commence this, her new position, on October 1, 2017.
Marie Klingberg-Allvin
Marie Klingberg-Allvin

Marie Klingberg-Allvin is Professor of Sexual, Reproductive and Perinatal Health and a qualified midwife. She began her employment at Dalarna University in 2002 as a doctoral student, after which she worked as a teacher in and director of the Midwifery Programme before becoming Pro-Vice-Chancellor. She has also served on the University Faculty Board and worked with the question of internationalisation.

"I am looking forward during my time as Acting Vice-Chancellor to working towards a united university and to continuing our work with development. Openness, courage and responsibility are our guiding principles, and we will make the best use of all levels and forms of competence and experience," states Marie Klingberg-Allvin.

The University Governing Board has already initiated the recruitment process for a new Vice-Chancellor under the directive of Chairperson Kinna Bellander, a process that according to Klingberg-Allvin will take between six and nine months.

"It is important not to forego a future Vice-Chancellor's intentions. Nevertheless, I see it as my role to work with the programme for development that we have initiated in which we want to develop a strong and united academic environment at each campus. This is a challenge. However, I am convinced that we can find working forms that are inclusive and that result in commitment within the entire organisation. We have established a good collaborative climate with Borlänge Municipality and Falun Municipality so as to develop attractive learning environments and student accommodation in both," says Marie Klingberg-Allvin.

"We have what is required to develop into being a united university for the whole of Dalarna for self-formation, education and research. In order to meet the challenges and needs of tomorrow, we need to bring together our capabilities and create a flexible organisation. Naturally, all of our work aimed at development will take place in close dialogue with our students and the surrounding community."

Age: 45.

Comes from: Leksand. I am a dalkulla (woman from Dalarna), in heart and soul.

Lives: In Falun.

Family: Husband Patrik. Two children: Agnes, 11, and Adam, 9.

Free time: The free time I have goes to my children's activities: swimming competitions, hockey, football and innebandy, as well as other activities. The best form of relaxation for me is a run in the woods.

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