Library Celebrations at Campus Borlänge

Recent renovations have been carried out on the library so as to meet the study requirements of students and staff alike. Now the library can offer an increased number of study places as well as an open and light-filled environment for users.

Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges at the opening of the newly renovated Campus Borlänge library."Today we can stand here in a library that offers more light, more places to study, rooms that can be booked ahead of time and a new eating area. It is certainly an occasion to celebrate," stated Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges in her opening speech.

Work on giving the library a facelift began in 2016. Gone are the somewhat narrow spaces, which have been replaced by an improved study area that is clearly integrated with the also recently renovated eating area. New furniture now fills the spaces and helped seat the many students who attended the opening ceremony, their voices blending in with the discussions and laughter from other attendees.

"You can forget the idea of the library being a place of quiet," Marita Hilliges added with a smile.

The renovations and additions to the library came as a result of students putting forth their wishes for better and more study spaces. The decision was then made to improve other areas in the vicinity of the library, including the eating area.

"The students requested that there be more study places - especially some that allowed for groups to sit together," explained Marita Hilliges. "We can already see that the students enjoy the library area much more than they did previously."

The thought is now to look over the premises and study facilities at Campus Borlänge to see if further improvements can be made.

"We're planning for the future and thinking how we want things 10 to 15 years from now," added the Vice-Chancellor. 

Translation based on the original Swedish text by Tina Sjöström.
Photo: Tina Sjöström. 

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