Korta Vägen Programme - New Contract

Dalarna University has been awarded a contract that will allow it to continue offering the programme Korta vägen, which aims to prepare foreign-born professionals for the Swedish labour market.

While the programme offers an opportunity to non-Swedish academics, it also offers potential employers in Sweden the chance to find competent individuals with experience and education.

2010 marked the first year that Dalarna University began offering this programme in collaboration with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

"The results have been good," states Anette Timmerlid, Diversity Coordinator and head of Korta Vägen at the university. "Dalarna University looks favourably on this opportunity to contribute to integration and provision of competence to the workforce."

The previous contract expired at the end of 2018. The new contract will come into effect on March 4 and will be in place for two years. After that, it can be extended upon agreement.

Each such Korta Vägen course is 26 weeks in duration and is taught at Dalarna Science Park in Borlänge, close to the university's current Campus Borlänge. The Arbetsförmedling organises the names of course participants. The course includes study guidance, lessons in academic Swedish, career coaching, work orientation, equality and the Swedish workforce, methodology, analysis methodology, career-specific content and a placement period.

The main target group is foreign-born graduates in Dalarna.

Information about Korta vägen and the next information meeting (Swedish webpage)

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