It is a given that we show our support for democracy and for the equal value of everyone

This is why Dalarna University and Dalarna's Student Union will once again take part in the Pride Parade to be held on Saturday, August 23 in Falun.

Regardless of background, culture, religion, gender or sexuality, anyone who can and wants to is welcome to study here. Education is important, and through knowledge and understanding, we together can change the world and make it a better place.

Characteristic to Dalarna University is diversity, where both students and colleagues are active in national and global contexts. We believe that our differences enrich our programmes and courses, contributing to higher quality in the three areas of self-formation, education and research.

Together with our students and the wider community, we create open pathways to knowledge for a good society. The discussion must be kept alive in terms of what a good society is and what is required to achieve a good society. As a university, we will be instrumental in ensuring open discussions that question and that also safeguard academic values. Openness, courage and responsibility form the basis for how we create and develop our programmes and conduct our research. It is in this way that we take responsibility for exposing and working against injustices in our society while also increasing awareness of the prejudices that may exist within ourselves.

Our conviction is that a good society is based on the equal value of everyone. We believe in the value and good of democracy and diversity. We take active responsibility for creating a good society – not only in Dalarna and for our own generation, but also in a global perspective for future generations.

What our students and researchers accomplish here leaves its impression in many places throughout the world. To show support for the equal value of all individuals is an important element in the creation of a good society.

Translation based on the original text by Marie Klingberg-Allvin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Dalarna University and Tom Edoff, Chairperson, Dalarna’s Student Union