Introducing Jonas Stier, Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Jonas Stier took office as Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor on October 1, 2017.

Meet Jonas Stier

Jonas Stier stting at a table in the Campus Falun libraryI am 50 years old and since the nineties I have been working within higher education - including at Växjö University and Mälardalen University and in other countries. In 1992 I commenced my doctoral studies at Gothenburg University, completing these in 1998 in Sociology.

For the most part, I have researched on the subject of identity and the way in which we create images of ourselves as well as the way we perceive others to see us. Intercultural communication, culture and internationalisation of higher education are other research areas of interest. At Växjö University and Mälardalen University, I headed internationalisation.

I began at Dalarna University in 2016 as Head of Research of Intercultural Studies. In my free time, I enjoy sports and athletics. I am married and have two children.

What does a pro-vice-chancellor do?

One important area of focus for me is to work to improve the research environment at the University. This involves supporting researchers in a positive way. Currently, we are working towards improving the support given to researchers through, for example, support with research communication, financing, technology and other forms of administration.

I will also be working a great deal with issues of internationalisation. Our mission at the University is to coproduce self-formation, education and research in Dalarna and in the world at large. For our part, this is about, for example, how we incorporate an international perspective in our courses, their content and the literature used. Only a small percentage of our students choose to study elsewhere in the world, and we need to find ways to bring the world to those who choose to remain in Dalarna. As well as involving the courses and programmes themselves, internationalisation is about greater issues, such as reducing global injustices and working towards human rights.

What do you want to achieve during your time as pro-vice-chancellor?

This acting position will probably be for six to nine months. During that time, I want to achieve forward momentum and develop, together with colleagues, education, research and internationalisation. I also want to work towards a more inclusive working environment.

What are the strong aspects of research at Dalarna University?

There is a real and strong will to research. We have creative researchers who have a wealth of ideas and competence that is both significant and varied. We have two research programmes and good collaboration with society at large - locally, nationally and internationally. I want us to work more closely together and I want to put Dalarna University on the map in an international context.

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