International Conference - SVEBI

The annual conference for Swedish Behavioural and Social Science Sport Research (SVEBI) is currently underway at Dalarna University. The theme this year revolves around trends and challenges within leisure-time sport, and sport and health from a social sciences perspective.

At the conference, which is being held in collaboration with Gothenburg University, are some 65 attendees from a number of different countries. The majority are researchers in the field of sport, although some are active sport instructors from the region.

Professor Brett Smith from the University of Birmingham is one of the two keynote speakers. He is a leading expert on questions related to disability, health and physical activity. His research looks at psychological, sociological and critical studies on disability.

The second keynote speaker is Sigmund Loland, Professor in Sport Philosophy and Sport Ethics at Norways's Idrottshögskola. His lecture is entitled "The Challenge of Technology to Sport - Ethical Perspectives".

During the conference, attendees can choose between various sessions and will also receive information about the sporting facilities at Lugnet in Falun. The programme also provides opportunity for attendees to test out various sporting activities.

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