Increased Number of International Students at Dalarna University

The autumn semester 2017 saw over 9000 fee-paying students applying to Swedish universities, according to UHR (the Swedish Council for Higher Education). This marks a continued increase in the number of international students coming to Sweden including Dalarna University.

Dalarna University works continuously to increase the number of international students registering here and actively maintains an international profile so as to attract as many as possible to come to the province to study," explains Susanne Corrigox who works with internationalisation and global contacts at the University.

"The number of fee-paying students has increased from last year," she continues in an interview ith SVT Nyheter Dalarna.. "It is important that we have international students as they contribute to a diverse study environment, and this raises the quality and is valuable in and of itself."

See the article in SVT Nyheter (Swedish text).

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