In Dalarna, Teacher Training Programmes Hugely Popular

The number of applicants to university teacher training programmes is on the decline. Yet a project in Dalarna that means employment for students from the first day of their programme is reversing that trend.

Recently in the national tabloid Dagens Nyheter, Dalarna University's work-integrated teacher training programme, run in collaboration with local councils, was the subject of an article.

"The situation that meets new teacher graduates is not the same today as it used to be. This is very much due to changes within society over recent years," explains Bengt Ericsson, Director of the Dalarna Centre for Edcuational Development (PUD) at Dalarna University.

"Each year we need about 13 000 new teachers, and yet we only manage to get about 10 000. Many who begin their studies fail to complete them. We have tried to ascertain the reason for this. To a certain extent, it's down to the programme itself, but the greatest reason is that the teaching profession is not as students had imagined it to be. Do we need to change the programme or reality? We made the decision to change both," states Mats Tegmark, Development Coordinator at Dalarna University.

Since 2017, Dalarna University has offered teacher training students a unique study and professional opportunity: while students pursue their studies to a certain percentage, they are also employed 50 percent at a school for which they receive a monthly wage in accordance with a contract.

You can read more about this work-integrated programme in the Dagens Nyheter article (note, Swedish text):

I Dalarna är det kö till lärarutbildningen

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