Graphic Design Students Demonstrate Their Creativity

Local towns and communities have benefitted from the design skills of university students: new slogans and new profiles are the result of the work that the students completed as part of their programme studies.
Andreas Jansson, Johanna Gunnare and Hanne Kringstad
Andreas Jansson, Johanna Gunnare and Hanne Kringstad

The project was entitled Crossmediakampanj and the students, all in their third year of studies in the field of Graphic Design, completed it as part of their programmes. Their task was to redesign a marketing campaign to assist non-profit organsiations in their marketing and communication efforts.

"The students get to work with specific projects but do not undermine the market in any way, a market that they will soon be entering. My experience tells me that companies get a really energy burst from meeting the students," states Åsa Svensson, lecturer in the subject.

What does this opportunity mean for students?

"They can show what they are made of. They are nearing the end of their studies, and this project allows them to demonstrate their skills related to web and print," she states further.

One of the students, Johanna Gunnare, worked with Andreas Jansson and Freja Matsdotter for the local community Aspeboda. Their work resulted in a marketing campaign that both in print and in digital form described the benefits of living in the community. They also successfully put together a campaign to encourage people to get involved with a local community organisation, Aspeboda Intresseförening.

"It was a lot of fun getting to do something real," explained Johanna Gunnare.

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