Grant for Study of Effects of Restructuring in the Steel Industry

Forte, the research branch for health, working life and welfare, has awarded close to five million sek for a new project that Dalarna University will be involved in alongside three other institutes of higher education.

"It feels great to receive this funding," states Alexis Rydell, Dalarna University, who is one of four researchers who will be part of the project, which will focus on the steel industry and which is a component of wider research.

"We will be working with colleagues from England and Australia who plan to conduct similar studies in their own countries," states Alexis Rydell further.

The plan is to carry out the collection of data in the region of Dalarna and surrounding areas. The five million will be shared by a research group from Dalarna University, Karlstad University, Swedish Defence University, and Malmö University. The project, which will take three years to complete, will be headed by Robert Mackenzie of Karlstad University. 

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