Graduates Recognised for Their Academic Work in the Energy Field

The first ever group of students has graduated from the new master programme "Energy Efficient Built Environment" at Dalarna University. Three of the graduates shared the prize for best degree thesis, the conclusions of which will lead to energy-efficient measures.

Three students and their teacher at Campus Borlänge

This programme is a particularly good example of what can be achieved in collaboration with industry, in this case the construction industry.

Some 15 students have now completed their master programme in Energy Efficient Built Environment. While being actively involved with real construction projects, they analysed and devised solutions in their degree projects that be of great use to the companies behind their respective projects. The most outstanding of all the degree projoects belonged to Fabiana Landi, Liv Johansson, and Alaa Aikhadraa.

These three students shared the prize awarded by ByggDialog and Byggutbildning Star, who stated:

"Making our buildings energy efficient helps us reach the national environmental goals in place in Sweden. It is about finding smart solutions and balance between ecological, social, and economic sustainability. The work of these three students achieved a high academic level and has been of great use to ongoing research projects and the local construction industry."

The award recipients commented on their work and the future:

Fabiana Landi

For my degree project, I worked with a housing company in Mora. My project looked at renovation as a way to increase the life span of mutii-family dwellings from the 1960s and 1970s. The reason why my degree project was so well received is, I believe, because it took up a relevant subject that concerns many people. When renovations result in reduced costs and less of an environmental impact, then it is of significance for those who live there. I have worked as an architect and also headed construction projects in Brazil, my home country. I am currently looking for a job so that I can stay here or I might pursue doctoral studies.

Liv Johansson

I am a civil engineer and work at Stora Enso Kvarnsveden. I was doing that before embarking on this master programme. In my degree project, I looked at the optimisation of drainage systems. My goal was to find ways to save energy. For Stora Enso Kvarnsveden, work with the environment is very important. The company contributes to the distance heating in Borlänge. I am from Brazil but have a Swedish background: my grandmother and grandfather are from Sweden.

Alaa Aikhadraa

The focus of my degree project is to compare three different renovation solutions with focus on finances. In Tjärna Ängar, a residential area in Borlänge, the company Tunabyggen has renovated three buildings in different ways so as to save energy. I analysed and compared these. The reason that my project was one of three to receive this award, I believe, comes as a result of the fact that I conducted a careful analysis and came with proposals for future work to find the most energy-efficient and economic renovation solution. I am from Syria and have lived in Sweden for close to five years now. I am considering applying for doctoral studies to that I can continue with this important work that I am so passionate about.

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