Future Collaboration Plans with 2047 Science Center

Dalarna University and 2047 Science Center in Borlänge have a long tradition of collaboration with each other. Now that collaboration has been formalised by way of a written agreement and declaration of intent, the ambition being to build on the existing collaborative partnership.

Previous collaboration between the two has centred on technology and mathematics as a way to increase the interest in studies in science and technology. Each year, 2047 Science Center holds events in collaboration with the University: Teknikmässan, Teknikerjakten and Forskarfredag. These serve to inform people of the professional opportunities that studies in technology and science can lead to.

"2047 Science Center is an important collaborative partner for us," says Sigrid Saveljeff, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, External Liaison, at Dalarna University. "By signing this new agreement, we can clarify and develop our collaboration. It's important symbolically. We are simply building on our already sound collaborative partnership."

"We have expressed our goal to be one of the most important actors in the creation of a long-term, competitive region," states Tobias Mårtensson, General Director of 2047 Science Center. "Collaboration with schools, the University, and business and industry is a pre-determiner to this. We plan to develop new experimental environments for innovation: there, the University is an important factor. We are delighted that our collaboration has now been made formal through this agreement. With a mutual foundation, it's easier to find and develop future ways to collaborate."

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