Forty Years To Be Marked with a Jubileum Publication

Dalarna University was founded in 1977, making this year its 40th anniversary and a year that promises further dynamic development with more research-level programmes and degree-awarding powers.

Kerstin Öhrn in a university roomLeading the planning of celebrations is Deputy Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Öhrn. She explained how the publication aims to describe how the University sees its current position in light of the forty years that have passed and how it sees itself in the future. It will include the presentations from the first day of celebrations back in February that describe the history and future of the University.

While presenting the lectures that have already been given, the publication also includes those that will be held this spring term that exemplify the research and knowledge of the some 300 researchers that are currently active at Dalarna University. The aim of all is to stay true to the vision of the University, that being to ensure the creation of open pathways to knowledge for a good society.

Translation based on original text by Henrik Sjögren.

Photo: Henrik Sjögren

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