Focus on improved road maintenance and safer traffic in new research

Nausheen Saeed has researched the way in which data-driven methods can improve road maintenance and traffic safety while cutting costs and reducing the negative impact on the environment of extensive road repairs.
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Nausheen Saeed defended her thesis in microdata analysis on March 28, 2024. Norkay AB

In her thesis, she presents advancements in data-driven technology, where sound and image data are integrated to evaluate gravel road conditions in an efficient way. Nausheen Saeed has developed a method that is particularly useful for authorities that are responsible for roads, as this can provide up-to-date information on road conditions and lead to improved traffic safety and more efficient road maintenance.

– The method allows us to obtain much better and faster information about the actual conditions of roads. Not only does this save money, but it also reduces the harmful impact on the environment caused by large road construction projects, says Nausheen Saeed.

Nausheen Saeed’s interest in research began while she was working in the computer science department at a university in Pakistan. Her wish to pursue her academic career abroad led her to doctoral studies in Microdata Analysis at Dalarna University.

– This period has been one of the most significant and rewarding experiences of my life. It confirms that my decision to pursue a doctorate at Dalarna University was certainly one of my best, says Nausheen Saeed.

The new method improves the assessment of road conditions, especially loose gravel. By combining different types of data, such as sound and images, reliable predictions can be made even when the surroundings are complex and changing.

– The use of a mobile app means it is possible to obtain immediate information about road conditions. The technology, which is similar to how we hear and see things, provides a more accurate and reliable picture of road conditions than traditional methods do. This increases efficiency in the maintenance of gravel roads and has positive effects on traffic safety and also benefits the economy, states Nausheen Saeed further.

The results of Nausheen’s study create new opportunities for further research and practical applications in assessing road conditions using cost-effective technology.

– I will continue both to research and teach at the School of Information and Engineering. I also plan to seek experience in the industry and make use of the skills I have acquired.

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