First Teacher Exchange with Algeria

Two language instructors from Dalarna University recently spent a week in Algeria, where they taught at the university in Mostaganem. This is the first time since an agreement between the two institutes of higher education was signed that such an exchange has taken place.
Fredrik Land and André Leblanc in Algeria
University lecturers Fredrik Land and André Leblanc on their teacher exchange in Algeria

"We learnt so much, and the experience was very interesting," says André Leblanc, Senior Lecturer in French at Dalarna University. "We really looked forward to teaching students who have a completely different background from that of our students in Sweden."

The agreement with the university in Mostagenem, which falls under the framework of Erasmus +, was signed in the autumn of 2017. Erasmus + is about partnerships outside Europe, which distinguishes it from Erasmus agreements. Both open up for opportunities for professional development for both university staff and students by way of special financing.

Previously, the agreement has led only to short visits and lessions, but this time, André Leblanc and Fredrik Land, Lecturer at Dalarna University, had the opportunity to teach over the course of one week.

"We covered a lot of subjects," explains Fredrik Land. "Among other things, we talked about what is considered taboo in Algeria - such as homosexuality. One of the teachers we met told us how the teachers cannot raise such subjects in their classes and lectures, even though there is a need to do so. For example, I heard how homosexuality is still considered a crime, punishable by imprisonment."

At present, the agreement relates to languages and the humanities, but the thought is that other fields of study will become involved. Three master's programme students from Mostaganem plan to study French at Dalarna University in the spring of 2019.


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