First and Second Place for Engineering Students' Most Energy-Efficient Vehicles

On Thursday, June 1, the winning vehicles Eximus 1 and 2 will be on display at Campus Borlänge. Their creators - engineering students - will be in attendance to receive a stipend for their efforts entering this year's Delsbo Electric competition.

At this year's Delsbo Electric competition, Dalarna University engineering students reigned supreme with their vehicle Eximus 2 and placed second with Eximus 1 - the most energy-efficient vehicles for passenger transport ever developed.

Delsbo Electric is a student competition for battery-driven track vehicles that is organised every year in Delsbo in the Swedish province of Hälsingland. Competitors aim to construct a vehicle that uses as little energy as possible as it is driven along the 3.36 km-stretch on the Dellenbanan.

Dalarna University's vehicle Eximus 2 won this year's competition with the record-low energy consumption of 0.73 Wh per passenger kilometre (pkm). 

"University students beat the world record every year despite having low funding for their projects. And this is something that is not happening in California, Shanghai or  Bangalore. It's happening in a small village in Sweden," states Henrik Rödjegård - technical director of the competition and Doctor in Electronics - in a press release.

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