Eximus 2: Tested and Ready To Compete

On Monday, the first test of the new Eximus vehicle - Eximus 2 - was conducted. In attendance were teachers, engineering students and representatives from Borlänge Energi.

Students and teachers outside beside the Eximus vehicle that is sitting on railway tracks.
Preparations underway for the testing of Eximus 2.

"The test was really successful and everything went according to plan. The motor and batteries were powerful enough to maintain the right speed uphill," stated Carl-Axel Norman. 

Eximus is a project driven by students in the Engineering Programme. The students' task is to plan, construct and manufacture a battery-driven railway vehicle that uses the minimal amount of energy. Currently, students are working towards competing in the ”Delsbo Electric” competition, where six people will be driven in the vehicle along three kilometres of railway track.

On Saturday, May 27, a team comprising three teachers and nine engineering students will take part in the competition, where competitors will be other universities such as Chalmers, Linköping and Luleå.

"Eximus 1 won last year, and I do think that one of our vehicles will win this year too," states Patrick Kenger from Dalarna University, who heads the Eximus project. "It's thanks to our unbelievable students, staff, the lab facilities, those who helped finance the project and our sponsors that we've been able to develop really sound low-energy vehicles here at Dalarna University. For anyone who wants to come and cheer us on, the starting time for the competition is 12.00 on Saturday at Delsbo train station. 

The Eximus project receives its financing from Teknikerjakten, the municipalities of Falun and Borlänge, and Region Dalarna. Sponsors are Batteriexperten, Momentum, ME racing, Rosells plåt, CTEK, JPC Composit and Transtech AB.

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